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Social Media Content

Bulk shooting

GoodFit needed content. Lots of it. Multipurpose. And for three separate audiences: personal trainers, their clients, and potential investors to the platform. Our mission was to produce as much as we could in a one-day shoot with a small army of personal trainers, models and bodybuilders.

Divide and conquer

We split into two units in order to shoot more efficiently - one shooting photography, one shooting video - and rotated pairs of models between the two units every half hour. Sounds pretty clinical, right? It wasn’t. There were crunches, squats, press-ups, and loads of other exercises we’re probably misidentifying. It was sweaty.

A balancing act

GoodFit were clear on how they wanted to position themselves in their sector: cool and edgy enough to stand out from the crowd, but not so much that they might appear unapproachable to less experienced fitness enthusiasts. Striking the right tone meant thinking about our surroundings, thinking about our angles, thinking about the expressions and actions of our models. And after all this thinking, then making sure these were communicated across both the photography and video content.


The aims of the brand photography were to set the visual tone for the brand and to kickstart the ongoing activity of building a library of brand images to be used across GoodFit’s website, in-app, and throughout their social media and wider marketing. In practice, this meant shooting variations of the same image with different framing, to allow for different crops of the image and for copy to be inserted on top of the image.

Video content

Our main 30-second online advert throws together rapid-fire snippets of a range of personal trainers, demonstrating the scale of the platform and breadth of expertise on there. But in order to make this we had to film longer individual scenarios with each personal trainer and client, giving us enough footage in the can to produce a whole suite of short form video content.

Client: GoodFit

Videographer: Joseph Madden

VFX Artist: Jonny Magowan

Photographer: David Madden