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Kinnoha • Good As Gold

Music Video

Racking up more than a quarter of a million streams on Spotify, Good as Gold is Kinnoha’s most successful song to date, and despite several single releases and an EP, marks her debut music video.

This went on to win the ‘Best Solo Artist’ category at the Paris-based Music Video Underground Festival, made the official selection for Birmingham Film Festival and Southampton International Film Festival, and has been shortlisted for several other festival awards.

Shot in the early hours of the morning one weekend on the Yorkshire Moors with a skeleton cast and crew totalling three people, the video tells the story of one man’s heartbreak and conflict as he walks away from his partner and their life together, quietly and without explanation.

Kinnoha originally approached director Joseph Madden to shoot a video for another song, but after weeks of listening to the song on repeat and brainstorming ideas that never quite felt right, Joseph discovered Good as Gold by accident and was struck immediately by the idea that eventually became the music video. He pitched the idea, Kinnoha trusted his instinct, and the rest is history.

We wanted to build sympathy with our protagonist and give the video a timeless feel. To these ends we wanted to see him driving an old-fashioned but decidedly unflashy car, making the time period ambiguous, and exacerbate his feelings of isolation by never showing any other people, cars, or other signs of civilisation on his journey.

One of our favourite shots had a car driving through it (how inconsiderate!) which we digitally removed - see if you can spot it!

As a Yorkshire local and a licensed drone pilot, our producer Edward Midgley was uniquely positioned to plot a route through the most scenic and remote parts of the moors, allowing us to safely execute complex car-to-car setups and shoot some stunning drone footage.

We made use of false colour to give the flashback sequences a dreamlike, otherworldly aesthetic, and to differentiate these scenes from the more natural feel of the main narrative.

Our fellow filmmakers and friends at Paradigm Creative helped out, with agency boss Ian Medley kindly allowing us to use his house as a location and unit base and feeding us through the shoot.

Starring: Joseph Madden and Kinnoha

Director and Editor: Joseph Madden

Producer and Director of Photography: Edward Midgley

Second Unit Camera Operator: Jack Ayers

Camera Assistant and VFX Artist: Raphael Pavel

Catering: Ian Medley

Special thanks to Chris and Guy for kindly loaning Budgie the car

Produced by CAVSOC in association with Paradigm Creative