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Kai Jones • Thank You EP

Music Video


Kai Jones made her SBTV debut as part of their 10 year anniversary with this unique three-part music video we produced for her Thank You EP. Filmed across three days - one at her headline show at Camden Barfly, one at the Barbican Estate, and one at Brixton’s White Room Studio, we created a video that jumped between genres and mediums to highlight the tone of each track.


A long time collaborator with CAVSOC, having worked with us on her debut music video Studio, Kai approached us with the novel idea of creating a 3-in-1 music video for her 3-track EP. Needless to say, we loved the idea, and immediately developed on this concept so that each mini-video had its own individual style that reflected the mood and tone of each song.


We recognised from the start that each track had its own distinct tone and genre - Zone was an deep, introspective track with a modern hip-hop feel; Can I Kick It was an uplifting hip-hop track with an old-school vibe; and What’s Next was a raucous and energetic grime anthem.

Our director Joseph Madden worked to create a distinctive style for each, not only creating a individual creative treatments for each, but using a different camera, aspect ratio and colour palette to achieve this.


We utilised a clean and minimalist style for Zone, using a widescreen aspect ratio and shooting in black-and-white on the RED Scarlet. Art director Freya Espie created a completely controlled environment in which to build both a surreal living room set and a separate minimalist set featuring three versions of Kai to represent her conflicting emotions.

Can I Kick It

We filmed on the Panasonic GH4 on a Ronin steadicam rig for this old-school hip-hop vibe, and ran the whole video through a VHS-filter and used the classic 4:3 television aspect ratio to give it a vintage feel. Cutting between an urban performance and a live show scenario gave this video an added dynamic without letting it feel over-produced.

What's Next

Our Directors of Photography Ellis & Ayers utilised split-tone neon lighting and smoke machines to create a glossy-yet-moody tone, we filmed Kai’s grime anthem What’s Next on the Sony a7S with her whole gang to keep the energy up.

The magic touch

Others might have been happy flexing their creative muscles on three diverse shoots, but not us. Director Joseph Madden worked closely with Kai and her producer to time the song transitions so that each video would seamlessly blend with the next, and used practical effects to link each video together in camera, via the narrative device of a battered old television set.

Starring: Kai Jones, Mr Litch, Jonno AQ, Floss AQ, Mula, Isee SOA, Mak, Flewid SOA, Shanice, Tai

Director: Joseph Madden

Producer: Rory Yeung

Directors of Photography: Ellis & Ayers

Art Director: Freya Espie

Script Supervisor: Georgina Morgan

2nd-Unit Camera: Xenia Zubova

1st AC: Greg Stocks

2nd AC: Dalila Kamunga