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Lydia Maddix • Too Cliché

Music Video

Fun & games

With singing, dancing, slow-motion boxing, and lots of silly faces, there’s something for everyone in our music video for Lydia Maddix’s fun-filled debut single, Too Cliché.

Love, interrupted

With a love song that pokes fun at love songs, we knew right from the outset that our video needed to be funny. Director Joseph Madden worked closely with Lydia to develop a narrative that featured several of the clichéd date scenarios mentioned in the song, starring our long term collaborator April Kelley (Mini Productions) and Neal Ward as the hapless couple whose courtship is constantly interrupted by the pesky Miss Maddix.

Organised chaos

Art Director Freya Espie built four room sets in a day in a small makeshift studio in Tottenham, a tall order that was made possible through script supervisor Georgina Morgan’s efficient scheduling and Lydia’s willingness to get her hands dirty and help out throughout the production process. Freya created a separate colour scheme for each scene, and Lydia coordinated this with individual cast outfits.

Show time

After a whirlwind media tour of radio spots and gigs around London, Lydia recently played at the O2 Academy, a booking that came about through the venue management seeing our video and loving Lydia’s stage presence. We love seeing our work have a tangible impact for clients, so this was a big win for us.

Starring: Lydia Maddix, April Kelley, and Neal Ward

Director: Joseph Madden

Producer: Rory Yeung

Director of Photography: Jack Ayers

Art Director: Freya Espie

Script Supervisor: Georgina Morgan

Runner: Ida Wibe Hagen

Behind-the-scenes Videographer: Suhail Patel