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W.S. Studio asked us to photograph their first ever range, the 2015 Spring/Summer Womenswear Collection. Looking for a simple studio style, they favoured shots that would serve well as both a basic look book and as product images for their website and their various stockists.


W.S. Studio wanted neutral, identical poses and lighting conditions for all 30 of their outfit combinations. This was no mean feat for a barebones crew on a one-day studio shoot, and the client looked at us like we were crazy when we said we’d need two hours to set up lights. But we knew that when you’re on a tight schedule, set-up time is the one thing you can’t skimp on. Taking the time to get this essential element perfect meant we could whiz through looks in a matter of minutes later on.

The extra mile

Despite the tight schedule, we requested a couple of extra minutes with the models per look, before they got changed and the next outfit was prepared. We wanted time to experiment with looser, more varied poses, and recognised how valuable these shots would be for wider marketing purposes. We captured some of our best shots in this “borrowed time”, which went on to become the key images used throughout the campaign.

An ongoing collaboration

Since photographing their first collection, we have gone on to form a strong working relationship with W.S. Studio, photographing their second collection’s look book and editorial (feature picture), papping influencers wearing their garments at London Fashion Week, and collaborating with them to feature their designs in our music videos for Sabrina Gunston and Tops & Nina.

"Working with Joseph and his team was a dream. They instantly understood our brand and how we wanted to position our product in the marketplace, and were able to make practical suggestions on the shoot day that helped showcase our product in the best light. It was our first ever look book shoot but their technical skills and knowledge made us feel secure, and we loved our final photos. I would highly recommend CAVSOC to anyone looking for the best way to convey their product."

Wenbo Wang, Co-founder